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" I enjoy sharing my diverse toolkit with clients to boost their orgs to the next level
- Randi

About Randi

Randi is  a self-starter with unique combination of creative marketing and IT skills. Her career, in both the for and non-profit space, spans a variety industries including financial services, technology, event planning, education and recruitment for companies ranging in scale from 10 man start-ups to large enterprise organizations. Randi is a natural problem-solver and continuously learning to keep up with cutting edge solutions. She understands the power of brand and online marketing and enjoys engaging her unique network of high caliber professionals to leverage trending thought-leadership content. Randi Curhan holds a B.S.E. in Finance from Wharton, an M.B.A. from UCLA Anderson with a focus in Marketing and certifications in Salesforce.

About MissionBoost 

While "taking time off” to raise her children, Randi was the go-to volunteer for the challenge of setting up fundraising systems, databases, websites, email campaigns and graphics. Randi then founded several start-ups in the event planning and graphic design space. After years of playing a pivotal volunteer role in non-profits and founding her own ventures, Randi founded MissionBoost Consulting to offer those valuable services to clients including venture capital funds, small businesses and non-profits. Consistently boosting and supporting people around her, Randi is always excited to learn the latest trends and tools and to put them into action. Does your entrepreneurial, mission-driven organizations need help with branding, content, events or IT solutions?

Let's Connect

I would love to learn about your business and see if I can help in any way or point you in the direction of useful resources. Reach out and learn how MissionBoost's broad toolkit can support you.

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